Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mothers.  Mothers struggle to belong and to stand out at the same time.  We have one goal in mind - happy kids, happy husbands, happy families.

How we get there is our own personal business I suppose, and everyone's definition of happy is something different.  For me, it's attachment parenting, and finding a balance where everyone's needs are respected and met as much as possible.  

So this is a space for me to form and share opinions on things having to do with parenting mostly, since I have two littles and that's where my head is right now.  My children are amazing little creatures, The Girlie, my daughter, is 3.5 years old and The Boy, my son, is just shy of 10 months old.  The Girlie is incredibly smart, loving, loud and spirited.  The Boy is mellow, happy, and so full of light.  It is because of them that I am who I am.  

My opinions might not be the most popular ones, as I'm often in the minority as far as these things go -- You had your babies where?! Wait, you don't vaccinate on schedule?  Why don't you do baby cereal again?  Your baby sleeps in your bed with you?  You don't even have a crib? -- but it's the only way that feels right to me.  

That said, I'm always learning and hoping to find knowledge and wisdom from other moms who have BTDT with littles.  I won't sacrifice my core values but I love finding new ways to think about things, and finding wiggle room where I thought there was none.  It's a journey, this thing called motherhood.  It's survival, it's constant sacrifice, and it's exhausting!  It's hilarious and tragic and wonderful.  

It's life.  It's living.  And I'm making the most of it every single day.